Weber | weSLICE 4500

Weber weSLICE 4500 is designed for a wide range of products, making it a versatile choice for producers with diverse product offerings. With its impressive performance and compact design, this involute blade slicing system is perfect for small-batch applications. The compact slicers offer the flexibility to switch between manual and fully automatic central loading, depending on production needs. This functionality facilitates optimal loading and feeding of products, including bulky items, enhancing seamless integration into automated workflows. Furthermore, the significant reduction in setup times and lower labour requirements contribute to long-term cost savings.

Technical data

Slicing speed (rpm) max. 1500
Product throat height (mm) 120/135/150
Product throat width (mm) 330
Product length (mm) 1200
Slicing system Involute blade
Cutting thickness (mm) 0,5-50
Loading (automatic/manual) automatic/manual