G50i Case Coder

The Domino G50i case coder is an entry-level thermal inkjet (TIJ) solution comprising of a printhead and a 5-inch colour display touchscreen. The handy tool is designed for precise coding on primary and secondary packaging. 

The printer utilises specially formulated inks from the Gx-Series, ensuring superior performance and reliability. It allows for printing barcodes, logos, and variable data combinations with clear, high-resolution codes that maintain excellent clarity and durability throughout the supply chain.

The G50i offers versatility with two printhead variants: the GP printhead and the EXT printhead. Use the GP for standard and high-speed coding requirements while the EXT printhead is best for outer case coding and larger machine-readable codes.

The Domino G50i is a versatile, entry-level Thermal Inkjet Printer (TIJ) designed for coding text, logos, barcodes, and variable data. The case coder includes a 5-inch colour display touchscreen and a single remote printhead accommodating one ink cartridge. This coder delivers sharp, high-resolution codes on various substrates, including porous and non-porous materials. 

There are two printhead variants for various coding needs. The GP printhead delivers exceptional performance in standard and high-speed case coding, ensuring quality results and efficient operations. For larger machine-readable codes, the EXT printhead is your go-to, designed specifically for outer case coding with a focus on precision and clarity. 

The case coder, with its precision-engineered components, guarantees accurate and consistent printing results, enhancing the quality of your product packaging. Its efficient design contributes significantly to the smooth operation of high-speed production lines. Furthermore, the case coder’s robust construction and industry-specific features make it an indispensable asset for professionals seeking to optimise their operations while maintaining stringent quality standards.

Domino’s Gx-Series specially formulated inks ensure superior performance and reliability. Its low ink consumption and maintenance-free operation result in a cost-effective solution with a low total cost of ownership, making it an ideal choice for efficient and reliable coding operations.


  • Effortless self-installation 
  • Two printhead variants: GP and EXT
  • 5-inch touchscreen colour display
  • Low ink consumption
  • Seamless production line integration


  • Controller dimensions: 155mm x 111.6mm x 44.6mm
  • Controller weight: 620g
  • GP Printhead dimensions: 216.4mm x 66.2mm x 49.1mm
  • GP Printhead weight: 412.4g
  • EXT printhead dimensions: 216.7mm x 77.8mm x 49.1mm
  • EXT printhead weight: 430g