Domino VX50i TTO Printer

The Domino VX50i TTO Printer is a cost-effective, user-friendly printing solution for flexible packaging. It produces high-quality codes, text, visuals, and emblems at up to 4 prints per second on areas up to 32x55mm. Its compact design includes easy ribbon changeovers and an optional 7-inch touchscreen interface for enhanced usability and efficiency.

The Vx50i thermal transfer label printer offers adaptability and versatility, printing high-quality, 300dpi content on various materials like pouches, films, and labels. It minimises downtime, maximises throughput, and reduces Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for operational efficiency. Its fully electric operation decreases energy consumption and maintenance needs. The Vx50i’s solvent-free ribbon rolls with a 770m capacity also promote sustainability by reducing waste.

The Domino VX50i TTO Printer provides a cost-effective, straightforward printing solution specifically designed for flexible packaging. The design of this printer aims to simplify everyday tasks by producing superior-quality codes, text, visuals, and emblems on products. This ensures that the client’s information is distinctly conveyed using high-definition codes.

It boasts exceptional performance for various flexible packaging applications with print rates of up to 4 prints per second and the ability to print on areas up to 32x55mm. Its compact footprint and user-friendly features like easy ribbon changeovers and an optional 7-inch touchscreen interface enhance usability and efficiency.

The thermal transfer label printer seamlessly adapts to the dynamic needs of any business, offering versatility in terms of material and colour. Its ability to print high-quality, 300dpi machine-readable content on various materials such as pouches, films, wrappers, labels, sachets, bags, and stick packs is unparalleled. 

By minimising downtime, maximising throughput, and reducing Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), the Vx50i enhances operational efficiency. Featuring fully electric operation without the need for compressed air, the Vx50i reduces energy consumption and eliminates the maintenance of external machinery. Its solvent-free ribbon rolls with up to 770m capacity significantly reduce ribbon waste, promoting sustainability in business practices. 


  • Efficient printing technology
  • Solvent-free 770m capacity ribbon rolls reduce waste
  • Generates top-notch codes, text, graphics, and logos
  • Print rates of up to 4 prints per second 
  • Optional 7-inch touchscreen


  • Controller dimensions: 200 x 160 x 218mm
  • Controller weight 5.9Kg
  • Print speed Intermittent mode (IM): 76m/min
  • Print speed Continuous mode (CM) : 10 to 680mm/sec
  • Power Supply Input: 100 to 240VAC, 50/60Hz
  • Printhead width: 32mm
  • Print area: 32x55mm
  • Printer weight: 5.9Kg