Domino Ax550i Industrial Inkjet Printer

Domino’s Ax550i Industrial Inkjet Printer, designed for rough environments in the food and beverage sector, boasts a resilient 316 stainless steel exterior resistant to dust and debris. Its IP66 rating ensures durability against high-pressure water and harsh chemicals, too. Equipped with a steel i-Pulse RS printhead, it provides clear printing using specialised, MEK-free inks suitable for various industry needs like food contact and sterilisation. 

The printhead’s ink drop generation guarantees continuous production operated from a 7 or 10-inch touch panel, while its high-speed data processing enables variable code for product printing. With the i-Techx electronic system, this printer offers a seamless user experience on a 7 or 10-inch touchscreen. It seamlessly integrates with Industry 4.0 standards for enhanced productivity and remote monitoring.

The Ax550i Industrial Inkjet Printer is Domino’s most advanced CIJ printer built for harsh environments in the food and beverage industry. It has a tough marine grade 316 stainless steel exterior that can withstand dust and debris. Its IP66 rating helps it resist high-pressure water, heavy-duty cleaning, and harsh chemicals without a hitch, too.

The stackable printer is fixed with an i-Pulse RS printhead made of steel to increase its strength and durability. These printheads are responsible for crisp product printing with MEK-free, highly-pigmented, and specialised inks for direct food contact, wet glass bottles, sterilisation, and many more industry-specific requirements. 

The i-Pulse RS printhead also comes with precision ink drop generation securing uninterrupted production. Its high-speed data processing capabilities facilitate variable code printing in human- and machine-readable formats. Variable printhead sizes ensure precise printing for a mixture of sizes while the Duo printhead’s twin jets ensure 10 lines of code prints at doubled speed.

With the advanced i-Techx electronic framework at its heart, the Ax550i offers unparalleled user interaction through its user-friendly touchscreen interface, available in 7 or 10-inch dimensions. It integrates with Industry 4.0 protocols, Domino Cloud, and Automation systems, facilitating remote troubleshooting and observation for augmented operational productivity.


  • Made of marine grade 316 stainless steel 
  • 7 or 10-inch touch panel
  • Uses the i-Pulse RS printhead for high-quality and quantity printing
  • Extensive ink range
  • Requires minimal maintenance


  • Dimensions: 430x411x381mm
  • Printing Speed: Up to 7.1 per second
  • Print heights (single print head): Up to 32 dots/20mm