Domino TTO Printers

Enhance your labeling capabilities with Domino's cutting-edge thermal transfer label printers, renowned for delivering superior prints of variable data, machine-readable codes, texts, graphics, and logos. Explore our premium range of Thermal Transfer Overprinting (TTO) printers, including the VX50i, VX150i, and V320i models, meticulously designed for high-speed printing without compromising output precision and quality.

Domino Vx50i TTO Printer

The VX50i Thermal Transfer Overprinting (TTO) is optimal for printing on flexible packaging. It can print codes, text, graphics, and logos at speeds of up to 4 prints per second making it perfect for high-demand environments.

  • Cost-effective printing solution
  • Optional 7-inch touchscreen interface
  • Prints high-quality codes, text, visuals, and emblems 


The Vx150i Thermal Transfer Overprinting printer is an economical solution for flexible packaging and label printing, producing 6 prints per second. It uses less than 60% less ribbon per print, is fully electric, and doesn’t need factory air.

  • Ideal for high-pressure printing
  • Optional 7-inch touchscreen
  • High-definition, machine-readable codes


The V320i thermal printer boasts the fastest printing speeds in the industry thanks to the innovative i-Tech ‘Dancing Arms’ system that prevents ribbon breaks, ensuring top-notch print quality and minimal downtime. 

  • Fastest thermal transfer printer on the market
  • Reduces ribbon usage by up to 60%
  • High-quality prints on various materials on large surface areas