Weber | Slicer 305

The Weber Slicer 305 is a commercial meat slicer that utilizes advanced technology to provide a reliable solution for entry-level industrial production of sliced products. With its manual loading design, the slicer is easy to operate and change applications, making it an ideal choice for businesses with varying production needs. The slicing-edge and stop can be adjusted to the product width, allowing for optimal slicing of various products. For delicate products that require careful handling, the slicer can be optionally equipped with a stack lowering device, which ensures gentle placement of each slice and precise portioning of stacks. It can also be equipped with an interleaver and Interleaver Speed Plus for enhanced production efficiency.

Technical data

Slicing speed (rpm) max. 400
Product throat height (mm) 125/135/150
Product throat width (mm) 250
Product length (mm) 1000
Slicing system Circular blade
Cutting thickness (mm) 0,5-50
Loading (automatic/manual) manually