Fiber Laser Marking Machines

The F-Series fibre laser printer can produce unlimited lines of text in any orientation, many fonts, and sizes. Discover our sophisticated collection of fiber laser marking apparatus and printers, such as the Domino F230i, F520i, and F720i, offering top-tier coding and marking solutions.


The F230i fibre laser is a budget-friendly printer built for parts and packaging. It has two versions offering outstanding coding quality, durability, operational effectiveness, and minimal consumable usage.

  • Has 2 models: F230i EP & F230i CP
  • Laser Head has an IP65 rating
  • The Controller has an IP43 rating


The F520i fibre laser is the preferred choice for producers in the food, beverage, electronics, automotive, and pharmaceutical sectors. This is because of its resilient imprinting on materials like foils, metals, and light plastics.

  • Compatible with various substrates across various industries
  • Laser Head has an IP65 rating
  • The Controller has an IP55 (optional IP65) rating


The F720i fibre laser is expertly crafted to produce distinct, readable, and durable codes on aluminum cans. It's built to sustain in challenging beverage settings marked by high moisture levels, temperature variance, dust, and sugar-filled air, making it an ideal fit for the rigorous needs of the fast-paced beverage canning industry. 

  • Capable of marking 100,000 cans per hour
  • Laser head has an IP65 rating
  • The controller has an IP55 (optional IP65) rating