DC 700 Standard | Sausage Clipping Machine

The Poly-Clip DC 700 semi-automatic double clippers are versatile and efficient sausage clipping machines. They are suitable for various casings including fibrous, collagen, and natural casings with diameters up to 50 mm, and plastic casings up to 115 mm. Its design allows it to efficiently produce a wide range of products, such as single portions, chains, long sausages, half rings, and rings.

The separator design of these clippers is optimised for gentle clipping of casings, ensuring the highest quality and food safety. The clipper can be placed as required in front of or mechanically coupled with the filler, allowing for electrical coupling for added convenience.

Technical data

1000 — 1100 Millimetre
1750 — 1985 Millimetre
98 Kilogram
830 Millimetre
Compressed air
4 — 6 bar