Domino TIJ Printers & Inkjet Coders

Discover premium thermal inkjet technology through Domino’s G-series. This advanced TIJ printer range offers exceptional print quality, making it ideal for industries such as electronics, FMCG, and more. With its adaptable label format, swift printing rates, and outstanding code legibility, it effortlessly fits into any extensive production process.


The G50i case coder is a user-friendly device engineered for accurate coding on primary and secondary containers. Inks from the Gx-Series enable crystal-clear printing of barcodes, logos, and variable data.

  • Has 2 printhead versions
  • 5-inch colour display touchscreen
  • Prints barcodes, logos, and variable data


The Gx150i thermal inkjet coder stands as a versatile and highly efficient solution for product and packaging coding across diverse industries such as food, beverage, industrial, healthcare, and pharmaceutical sectors.

  • Up to 2 printheads
  • 7-inch touchscreen interface
  • AutoSwap enables cartridge change mid-print


The Gx350i industrial inkjet coder is engineered for high-volume, high-speed manufacturing, and tracking & tracing applications. It has automatic cartridge detection functionality, exact ink parameter configuration, and a large-scale ink system, for seamless operation and integration.

  • Uses up to 4 printheads 
  • 10-inch touch screen 
  • Adaptable label layout


The fit-and-forget Gx-OEM thermal inkjet (TIJ) printer is specifically for serialisation and track & trace. Its compact size makes it possible to fit into control cabinets to seamlessly integrate with packaging machinery.

  • Operates up to 4 printheads 
  • Remote printer operation and monitoring
  • Adaptable label design on a range of substrates