Domino Bar Code Verification

Elevate quality control with Domino's Code Verification solutions. Harnessing the power of machine vision technology, our R-Series ensures accurate and secure coding across diverse applications. Read more to discover how our advanced systems streamline verification processes, minimizing errors and maximizing efficiency.

R150 - Code Check

The Domino R150 only checks essential aspects of coding, including the presence and position of codes making it ideal for entry-level verification. 

  • Entry-level verification
  • Does basic code checking
  • Inspects the presence and position of codes

R350 - Code Quality

The R350 identifies frequent printing defects and guarantees the readability of machine-readable codes. This device is tailored for scenarios where comprehensive code accuracy validation isn't necessary. 

  • Identifies typical printing errors
  • Guarantees the legibility of machine-scannable codes
  • Ideal for when full code accuracy verification is not required

R550 - Code Verify

Write your code with assurance using our comprehensive code authentication solution. This code-checking solution verifies that code presence, position, character count, machine-readable codes, and content (OCR/OCV) are accurate.

  • Complete code verification solution
  • Provides full protection 
  • Ensures performance and product validity for critical applications