Seguin Moreau ICÔNE Barrels

Seguin Moreau’s ICÔNE Barrels series provides premium, custom-designed oak barrels to enhance wine sensory attributes. Each barrel highlights grape varieties’ attributes and regional characteristics, augmenting the wine’s complexity. 

  • The Haute Futaie French oak barrels, from 150-200-year-old trees, offer varied toastings for distinct aromas like traditional fire-toasted and Aquaflex process for select aromatic profiles.
  • The Fraîcheur barrel uses a water-bending process for lighter white wines.
  • The Finesse barrel gives a silky mouthfeel to Burgundy-style red wines.
  • The Blanc barrel augments volume and length for barrel-fermented white wines.
  • The Low Aroma barrel ensures a subtle oak profile with complex fragrances.
  • The Elevation barrel delivers a robust, balanced oak profile.
  • The Synergie barrel provides a harmonious blend of American and French oak notes with a fruity edge.