Domino VX150i Thermal Overprinter

The Domino Vx150i is an exceptional thermal transfer overprinter (TTO), designed for flexible packaging and label prints. It offers two printhead widths: the Vx150i-32mm and the Vx150i-53mm. The key distinction between these printers is their width, with the 53mm providing a larger print area in both intermittent or continuous modes, while the 32mm offers similar dimensions at a smaller scale.

The 32mm and 53mm VX150i thermal overprinters provide high-definition, machine-readable codes at a speed of 10-750 mm/sec, ideal for high-pressure printing. They optimise output and reduce Overall Ownership Cost (OOC), with minimal operational disruptions. An optional 7-inch touchscreen simplifies label creation and editing.

The Domino Vx150i is a high-quality and high-speed thermal transfer overprinter (TTO) designed for printing on flexible packaging and labels. The versatility of the Vx150i is highlighted through its two printhead width options: Vx150i-32mm for precise, smaller-scale prints and Vx150i-53mm for larger, more bold applications.

The Vx150i thermal transfer overprinter, with its impressive width, stands out in the market for its unparalleled efficiency and superior quality. The only thing that sets these printers apart is the difference in width. The Vx150i-52mm Thermal Transfer Overprinter offers a larger print area of 53x75mm or 53x100mm depending on if it’s in intermittent or continuous modes. The 32mm has similar measurements at 32x75mm or 32x100mm.

The 32mm thermal overprinter is a bit smaller but doesn’t falter too far behind the 53mm. Both VX150i printer models safeguard clients by delivering high-definition, machine-interpretable codes. It has a maximum printing speed of 10 to 750 mm per second with a repeat rate of 6 prints per second making it perfect for high-pressure printing.

This efficiency is achieved while simultaneously minimising operational interruptions, optimising output, and diminishing the Overall Ownership Cost (OOC). These thermal transfer printers come with an optional 7-inch touchscreen further simplifying the label-creating and editing process thanks to its user-friendly interface.


  • Fully electric and does not require compressed air.
  • Prints at a speed of 6 prints every second
  • Easy ribbon replacement facilitated by cassette-style loading.
  • Solvent-free ribbon rolls up to 770m capacity
  • Optional 7-inch touchscreen interface


  • Dimensions: 200x160x218mm
  • Weight: 5.9kg
  • Printing modes: Intermittent mode (IM) & Continuous mode (CM)
  • Print resolution: 300dpi
  • Printhead width: 32 or 53 mm
  • Print speed: 750mm/s