Cx350i | Large Character Inkjet Printer

The Domino CX350i large character inkjet printer utilizes the latest Piezo Ink Jet (PIJ) technology to produce high-quality prints. This industrial printer can generate GS1-compliant 1D and 2D barcodes, logos, and true-type fonts with real-time data in any configuration and size, on various surfaces. This includes construction materials and porous substrates such as cardboard boxes, trays, and bags.

It is easy to integrate into operations thanks to its intuitive QuickStep touchscreen, Domino’s worldwide helpdesk service support, and Domino Cloud. It is also incredibly cost-effective and reduces waste through the drop-on-demand (DOD) PIJ technology that ensures the printer consumes no ink or other materials when inactive.


The Domino CX350i large character inkjet printer is a powerful and versatile solution for printing large characters on products. Additionally, the CX350i serves as a great alternative to label printing for porous cardboard, corrugated, paper, and carton applications, providing a more cost-effective and flexible solution.

Utilizing the latest generation of Piezo Ink Jet (PIJ) technology, this printer can produce GS1-compliant 1D and 2D barcodes, logos, and true-type fonts with real-time data in any size and combination, ensuring exceptional print quality and clarity.

One of its key advantages is that it operates on a drop-on-demand (DOD) principle. This means that no ink or other materials are consumed when the printer is not actively printing, resulting in significant cost savings and reduced waste.

Manufacturers of construction materials will particularly benefit from the CX350i’s high-resolution printing capabilities, ensuring that their products are clearly and accurately labelled. The printer’s user-friendly QuickStep touchscreen interface also makes it easy to set up and operate, allowing users to quickly and efficiently create and apply their desired content.

With unrivaled technical support from a truly global supplier, users can rest assured that their printing needs will be met with the highest level of service and expertise.


  • 10-inch TouchScreen using QuickStep 3 software
  • Uses environmentally friendly technology
  • Cost-effective 
  • Can combine multiple printheads
  • Has four colour options available


Dimensions: 329.7mm x 233.7mm x 489.5mm

Cx-Inkbase 2PH weight: 13.55 kg

Cx-Inkbase 4PH weight: 15.03 kg

Line speeds: 100m/min.+