MX350i-T Automated Labeling System

The Mx350i-T labeller, a high-production industrial print and apply labeler, offers advanced connectivity and flexibility for both contact and non-contact applications. With a host of configuration options, it caters to specific needs with its 4-inch (Mx350i-T4) and 6-inch (Mx350i-T6) printer variants designed for different production requirements and labelling speeds.

The automated labeling system supports diverse label content, including static, dynamic data, and varied barcodes. It excels in labelling applications, handling materials like paper to metal, and items from bags to boxes. With a user-friendly design, intuitive interface, and optional touchscreen, it integrates smoothly into production lines for improved factory efficiency.

The Mx350i-T labeller is a versatile and robust industrial print and apply labeler designed to meet the demands of high-production throughput in various industries. This automated labeling system offers advanced connectivity options and the flexibility to switch between contact (tamp) and non-contact (blow) applications.

The model has extensive configuration options to tailor the equipment to specific needs. From left or right-hand variants to different printer sizes, applicator arms, and label positions. It comes in two variants: the 4-inch (Mx350i-T4) and the 6-inch (Mx350i-T6). This is to ensure versatility in production needs and labelling speeds. The 4-inch printer print speed is 400mm/s while the 6-inch has a max speed of 250mm/s.

The system supports a wide range of label content including static, dynamic, or variable data with various types of barcodes and graphics. The Mx350i-T excels in labelling applications such as bags, pouches, trays, boxes, packages, and more, across a variety of materials like paper, plastics, metal, glass, and wood. 

Designed for user-friendly operation, the Mx350i-T features an intuitive user interface and an optional touchscreen for ease of use. Its compact footprint and easy integration capabilities make it a seamless addition to production lines, enhancing efficiency and automation within the factory environment.


  • Easy to automate and integrate
  • Has two label width variants: 4-inch (108mm) and 6-inch (162mm)
  • Allows top, side or bottom label positions
  • Comes in left or right-hand variants
  • Allows for switches between contact (tamp) and non-contact (blow) applications


  • Height: 625/750/950mm
  • Width: 271/326mm
  • Depth: 576-720mm
  • Product motion: Moving or Stationary
  • Print width: 4-inch (108mm) 6-inch (162mm)
  • Print technology: Thermal transfer / Direct thermal
  • Print resolution: 12 dots/mm (300dpi)