MX350i-S&SP Label Application System

The Domino Mx350i-S and Mx350i-SP print and apply labellers are designed to meet specific requirements in technical manufacturing environments. It can tag various moving product packaging whether on top, the side, or bottom, making it highly versatile and customisable. With its modular design and three operational modes, it offers even more flexibility in labelling processes. 

These label application systems can handle a broad range of label content and are suitable for a variety of materials, demonstrating their adaptability. Highly compatible with other factory systems, they are user-friendly and designed to minimise downtime, making them an efficient choice for diverse labelling needs.

The Domino Mx350i-S and Mx350i-SP print and apply labellers are highly customisable systems designed to meet specific labelling requirements. With the ability to place labels on the front, rear, top, side, or corner of a moving product or package, these label application systems offer unparalleled flexibility in labelling and traceability processes.

Both systems feature a flexible, modular design that accommodates tailored setups, offering options for left or right-hand variations, printers of 4-inch or 6-inch, and applicator arms of either 130mm or 270mm. The devices deliver three unique operational modes, facilitating effortless switching between labelling on one side, two sides or corner wrap applications. This results in extraordinary flexibility in labelling operations.

The Mx350i-S and Mx350i-SP support a wide range of label content, including static, dynamic, or variable data with texts, logos, graphics, and various barcodes. Suitable for labelling trays, cartons, boxes, packages, shrink wraps, cases, and a variety of materials, these labellers offer a high degree of adaptability.

These compact and versatile systems offer advanced connectivity options, enabling seamless integration with ERP, WMS, and MES systems in your factory. The user-friendly interface and optional remote 10-inch touchscreen ensure ease of use, while the robust design and smart functionality minimise downtime for media changes and maintenance.


  • Highly customisable labelling positioning
  • Can be used up to 360mm away from the product
  • Comes in left or right-hand variants
  • Uses contact (tamp) applications
  • Built-in user interface (UI) and an optional remote 10-inch touchscreen


  • Product motion: Moving
  • Print width: 4-inch (108mm) 6-inch (162mm)
  • Print technology: thermal transfer / direct thermal
  • Print resolution: 12 dots/mm (300dpi)

4-inch printer:

  • Height: 624mm
  • Width: 752/942mm
  • Depth: 261/316mm

6-inch printer:

  • Height: 624mm
  • Width: 627/681mm
  • Depth: 349/542mm