R-series | Bar Code Inspection System

Domino’s R-Series offers simplified barcode inspection systems that seamlessly integrate with all their printers. The three models – R550 (Code Verify), R350 (Code Quality), and R150 (Code Check) – cater to different needs, ensuring accuracy, quality, and efficiency. By automating code verification, the R-Series reduces manual inspections, scrap, and recall risks. 

Future-proof with software updates, the R-Series simplifies integration, boasts a user-friendly interface, and consolidates coding and inspection under one trusted provider. With easy installation, optimized for Domino fonts, and a common user interface, the R-Series stands out for its comprehensive coding and inspection solutions from a single trusted source.

Domino’s bar code inspection systems offer simplified assessments that work seamlessly with their entire printer range. It is available in three models: R550 (Code Verify), R350 (Code Quality), and R150 (Code Check), each offering different levels of code verification functionality to suit various needs. 

The R550 model provides comprehensive code verification, ensuring top-tier accuracy and security for critical applications. The R350 focuses on enhancing code quality, making it ideal for development teams aiming to maintain high standards. Finally, the R150 offers essential code-checking features, like its presence and position — perfect for quick and efficient validation processes.

By automating code verification, the R-Series eliminates labor-intensive manual inspections, downsizes scrap, and helps avoid the costs and brand damage associated with product recalls. 

The R-series is also future-proof with enhancing functionalities that can be achieved through a straightforward software update. 

The R-Series is powerful by design, offering coding and coding inspection from a trusted single source. It features easy installation and integration with the coding system, optimized for Domino fonts and print characteristics. A common Domino user interface minimizes the learning curve, and a single supplier means one contact point for the entire coding and inspection system.


  • Has three standard models
  • Adaptable to your future needs
  • Does automatic quality-checks and ensures readability of every code
  • Refined to adhere to industry-leading standards
  • Easy integration into highly automated lines