Discover the weSLICE 4500, the ultimate choice for full-range suppliers. With its impressive performance and compact design, this slicer is perfect for small-batch applications. Enjoy the flexibility of manual and automatic loading options, optimized product handling, and reduced setup times. Enhance your efficiency and save costs with the weSLICE 4500.



Introducing the weSLICE 4500, the ultimate solution for full-range suppliers seeking maximum performance. With its impressive output, this slicer offers exceptional flexibility for small-batch applications, all while maintaining a modest footprint. Whether you need to handle a wide variety of products or require high-speed slicing, the weSLICE 4500 is designed to meet your specific needs.

Experience the convenience of manual and automatic loading options, allowing you to optimize product loading and feeding, even for bulky items. Seamlessly integrate the weSLICE 4500 into your automated processes for enhanced efficiency. Say goodbye to lengthy setup times, as this machine enables quick and hassle-free adjustments. By minimizing setup requirements and reducing the need for additional staff, the weSLICE 4500 helps you achieve significant cost savings in the long term.

Technical data

Slicing speed (rpm) max. 1500
Product throat height (mm) 120/135/150
Product throat width (mm) 330
Product length (mm) 1200
Slicing system Involute blade
Cutting thickness (mm) 0,5-50
Loading (automatic/manual) automatic/manual

Additional information