Weber | weSLICE 9500

Elevate your production line to unmatched efficiency with the WEBER weSLICE 9500, a pinnacle of slicing technology. Utilizing the innovative Weber DirectDrive technology, users are able to have exceptionally accurate and versatile control over operations.

The machine also uses a Durablade Performance involute blade for superior slicing quality, and Vario technology to boost results. Paired with Weber vacuum gripper technology, it reduces end pieces by over half, ensuring nearly 100% weight-accurate portions with minimal waste.

Technical data

Slicing speed (rpm) max. 2000
Product throat height (mm) 220
Product throat width (mm) 520
Product length (mm) 800/1200/1600/1850
Slicing system Performance Durablade
Cutting thickness (mm) 0,5-50
Loading (automatic/manual) Automatic central loading