SEPAmatic 1400

The SEPAmatic 1400 is a food processing machine used for separating solids from liquids in the food industry. It employs a process where the product is fed between a crushing belt and a rotating perforated drum, allowing for careful separation. This machine is particularly effective in separating different textures within food products, like fish stuffing from skin and bones or meat from bone splinters. With features like automatic detection sensors, adjustable speed range, and robust construction, the SEPAmatic 1400 ensures efficient and gentle separation, making it a valuable tool for enhancing product quality and reducing waste in food processing operations.


Technical Data

max. 3.500 kg/h
depending on product and
perforated drum

Power consumption
8.0 KW

Length: approx. 2.200 mm
Depth: approx. 1.500 mm
Height: approx. 1.500 mm

approx. 1.400 kg