Meat Injection Machine | PI-H 900-372-2/630-2

The PI-H 900 -372-2/630-2 is a high-performance meat injection machine with a belt width of 2×435 mm. It can be used on pork, beef, and poultry, but is also versatile enough to work with fish and cheese, too. It has a robust centrifugal stainless steel pump and a preemptive filter system that electronically monitors and defends against needle blockages.

The meat injection provides variable stitch options – single, double, and triple – for best-in-class brine dispersion. The brine circuit is fully isolated from all electrical and mechanical parts, reducing heat extension to the brine. This also allows for tailored settings for each process parameter, further enhancing the machine’s functionality and efficiency.

Technical data
Belt width in mm 2×435
Needle designs 372-2/630-2
Capacity* in kg/h 16208
Product clearance in mm 140
Strokes in 1/minute 50
Dimensions in mm (length/width/height) 3250/1910/3000
Connection data 27KW 63A 400V 3PH/N/PE
Compressed air 6-8 bar