Quantum Flex | Mid Size Trimmer

The Quantum Flex® Trimmers by Bettcher Industries are a line of handheld-powered meat trimmers designed for the meat processing industry. These flex trimmers offer increased flexibility, power, and durability compared to traditional trimmers, with features such as lighter weight, faster blade speed, and quicker blade changes. The patented dual-bearing surfaces provide industry-leading durability, even at higher speeds, reducing maintenance costs and energy consumption while maintaining peak performance. The ergonomic design and improved weight distribution make these trimmers comfortable to use, preventing operator fatigue. The Quantum Flex® Trimmers are available in a wide range of sizes to handle various high-yield trimming applications, and they are compatible with all Bettcher motors.

Quantum Flex®​ Mid-Size Trimmers provide several blade profiles for both large muscle removal and intricate defatting applications.