ShreddR | Industrial Meat Shredder

The ShreddR by Foodlogistik is a specialised machine designed for the continuous cutting of fruits and vegetables into cubes, slices, or strips. It comes in various models with cutting capacities ranging from 850 to 2000 kg/h, capable of cutting down to 3 mm thick. This industrial meat shredder emphasises compactness, hygiene, and ease of use, featuring removable cutting sets for different cutting applications. Its industry use lies in food processing plants, canteen kitchens, and other settings where efficient and precise cutting of produce is essential.

Technical data

throughput kg/h 400-2000
connected load kW 0,75
width of drum mm 90
diameter of drum mm 180
length x width x height mm 1114 x 1083 x 1695
weight kg 150
speed variable
cutting sizes mm 3-20