The ASB 600 belt derinder offers versatility and convenience for artisanal and medium-sized companies. With two processing speeds and the option for “open” or “closed” configurations, this machine accommodates a wide range of applications. Enjoy automatic derinding for various pork cuts and utilize it for round cuts in “open” mode. The ASB 600 is also suitable for gentle poultry skinning. Enhance your operations with the ASB 600 belt derinder.



Discover the ASB 600 belt derinder, specially designed for artisanal and medium-sized companies seeking exceptional versatility. This multifunctional machine offers a wide range of applications and is equipped with two processing speeds, allowing you to achieve optimal results. It can be utilized in both “open” and “closed” configurations, providing flexibility to accommodate various processing requirements.

With the ASB 600, automatic derinding becomes effortless for a variety of cuts, including pork cheek, belly, loin, as well as fat on shoulder and ham. The machine operates seamlessly during belt operation, ensuring efficient and precise derinding. In “open” mode, you can utilize the ASB 600 for round cuts such as ham, shoulder, or knuckle, expanding its versatility and application possibilities.

Notably, the ASB 600 is also well-suited for the careful and delicate skinning of poultry cuts. Its adaptability makes it an excellent choice for companies that handle different types of meat products. Experience the efficiency, precision, and convenience of the ASB 600 belt derinder, an essential tool for enhancing productivity and quality in your artisanal or medium-sized operation.

Technical data

Motor output (kW) 0.85
Power supply (V/Hz/A) 400/50/16
Cutting width (mm) 400
Slicing thickness (mm) 0-4
length x width x height 770 (with conveyor 1785) x 1200 x 1240
Others Special voltage on request
speed variable

Additional information