ASB 600 | Meat Skinning Machine

The ASB 600 by Weber is a belt derinder designed for artisanal and medium-sized companies, offering a wide range of applications and two processing speeds. It functions as a combination machine, open for round parts and closed with height-adjustable pressure rollers for flat parts, making it versatile for various meat processing tasks. The ASB 600 is suitable for derinding and membrane skinning, ensuring high yields in the meat processing industry. It is designed for open-top operation, making it ideal for processing rondelles, shoulders, and hocks. Additionally, it can be used for the gentle removal of skin from poultry parts. Its compact design and mobility via bock and rollers make it a space-saving solution for businesses seeking efficient and versatile meat processing equipment.

Technical data

Motor output (kW) 0.85
Power supply (V/Hz/A) 400/50/16
Cutting width (mm) 400
Slicing thickness (mm) 0-4
length x width x height 770 (with conveyor 1785) x 1200 x 1240
Others Special voltage on request
speed variable