ASB 560 | Derinder Machine

The ASB 560 derinder by Weber is a fantastic tool for the meat processing industry. It’s a powerful machine that quickly and accurately removes the skin and fat from meat cuts like shoulders, hams, and haunches. This advanced technology provides a clean, precise cut the first time, reducing the need for rework and maximising product yield. The ASB 560 is a strong, fully automated solution that makes it easy to adjust the thickness of the cut. This helps increase productivity and improve the quality of meat processing tasks. Its main use is to streamline the process of removing skin and fat, ensuring consistent results and saving time in meat preparation.

Technical data

Motor output (kW) 1.1
Power supply (V/Hz/A) 400/50/16
Cutting width (mm) 560
Slicing thickness (mm) 0-4, optional 4-8, 6-10, 8-12
length x width x height 900 (with conveyor 2055),1021,1290
Others Special voltage on request
speed variable
weight(kg) 400