The ASB 460 derinder is a prime example of pioneering technology and top-tier quality, offering robust performance in industrial settings. Its automatic slicing technology and spring-mounted slicing system ensure a precise and clean first cut, maximizing product yield. The inclusion of a dedicated cleaning program enables quick and resource-efficient cleaning, enhancing operational efficiency. Step into the future of derinding with the ASB 460.



The ASB 460 derinder represents the epitome of pioneering technology and premium quality, establishing itself as a robust and high-performing solution for industrial applications.

Powered by Weber’s automatic slicing technology and equipped with a spring-mounted slicing system, the ASB 460 ensures a precise and clean initial cut, resulting in exceptional product yield. Additionally, the inclusion of a dedicated cleaning program designed specifically for series production streamlines the cleaning process, delivering rapid and resource-efficient cleaning operations.

Choose the ASB 460 derinder to experience the cutting-edge advancements it offers, including superior slicing technology, reliable performance, and effortless maintenance. Elevate your industrial operations with the ASB 460 and witness the transformation it brings to your productivity and efficiency.

Technical data

Motor output (kW) 1.1
Power supply (V/Hz/A) 400/50/16
Cutting width (mm) 460
Slicing thickness (mm) 0-4, optional 4-8, 6-10, 8-12
length x width x height 900 (with conveyor 1750),915,1290
Others Special voltage on request
speed variable
weight(kg) 370

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