MBF Synchrofill

The MBF Synchrofill bottling machine combines a rinser, filler, and capping unit in a lightweight vacuum monobloc design. With nearly 30 years of industry expertise, the Italian brand MBF Spa’s bottle-filling equipment sets heightened standards in bottling technology, prioritising sanitation, oxygen control, and flavour preservation. 

The versatile apparatus is crafted with state-of-the-art precision and excels in bottling wine, spirits, beer, vinegar, juices, and water. Its ultramodern features ensure precision and filling efficiency, while its compatibility with caps and straight cork expands its application possibilities. 

Elevate your bottling processes with the MBF Synchrofill, delivering excellence in performance and adaptability for diverse production needs.

Synchrofill : 2.000 – 10.000 bph