Quantum Flex | Large Trimmers

The Quantum Flex Large Trimmers by Bettcher Industries are designed for defatting in the meat industry, offering customisable control and cutting depth for various applications. These trimmers are known for their enhanced blade/housing interface, which provides smoother operation with less vibration due to a patented design that distributes operating loads over more surfaces. 

They also feature quick-change blades, dual-bearing surfaces, and compatibility with all Bettcher motors, making them an efficient solution for the meat industry. The lighter weight and faster blade speed of this meat trimmer contribute to improved cutting efficiency and cost-saving design benefits over other handheld trimmer systems.

Large Quantum Flex®​ trimmers focus on defatting and can be configured for just the right level of control and cutting depth. This trimmer uses 30- and 45-degree angle blades and cutting edge options, along with various depth gauges to customize performance across processing applications.