Gx350i Industrial Inkjet Coder

The Domino Gx350i is a powerful industrial inkjet coder, designed for fast-paced production and track & trace applications. It has print speeds of up to 300m/min and features an AutoSwap functionality for uninterrupted production making it ideal for high-volume, high-speed printing in demanding environments. Its automatic cartridge recognition, ink parameter setting, and Bulk Ink System also allow for clean and efficient long-run operations without operator intervention.

Its 10″ touch screen, flexible mounting positions, four print head variants, and intuitive user interface make it easy to operate and integrate. It uses the Domino Cloud with Industry 4.0 compatibility and remote capability for better packaging and processing management.

The Domino Gx350i Thermal Inkjet Coder is the model tool for fast-paced production and track & trace applications. Engineered for operations involving multiple print heads, rapid data transmission, and demanding controller settings across various sectors, this coder is exceptionally versatile. 

Its flexible label design includes text, counters, clocks, graphics, logos, and barcodes with high-resolution printing quality on various materials, including paper, card, plastic, and metal. It comes with multiple mounting options and four print head choices It’s fully compliant with Industry 4.0 standards through the use of the Domino Cloud, providing remote capabilities for enhanced management of packaging and processing systems. Its 10″ touchscreen includes an intuitive user interface that guarantees straightforward, error-free operation and data entry.

The Gx350i is engineered to optimise production with its effortless printer management and surveillance through a touch screen or web interface, automatic cartridge identification, and ink parameter configuration. Its AutoSwap feature permits cartridge replacement during printing and a Bulk Ink System is accessible for enduring operation, eliminating the need for operator interference.

Compact in design, the Gx350i allows easy integration of the print head and remote controller installation, making it a proficient and dependable coding solution for challenging environments. Its interchangeable print cartridge ensures cleanliness and efficiency. Moreover, the absence of routine essential maintenance enhances the overall productivity of this industrial inkjet coder in your manufacturing line.


  • Control and manage up to four print heads using a single controller
  • Utilises the AutoSwap feature that allows for cartridge replacement during printing
  • Adaptable label design
  • Has an IP64 rating
  • 10” touch screen


  • Controller dimensions: 123.9mm x 322.4mm x 250.7mm
  • Controller weight:: : 6.4kg
  • Print speed: 300m/min 
  • Power Supply Input: 100-240 V AC, 50-60 Hz, 2 A
  • OPT Printhead dimensions: 158mm x 35.7mm x78mm
  • OPT Printhead weight: 0.31kg
  • EXT printhead dimensions: : 162mm x 29.7mm x 68.9mm
  • EXT printhead weight: 0.27kg