Gx-OEM TIJ Printer

The Gx-OEM TIJ Printer is a compact and adaptable thermal inkjet printer which integrates smoothly with packaging machinery. It offers two print heads for large messages and space-limited machinery respectively. With its high speed and resolution, it can manage rapid production settings, reaching speeds up to 300m/min at 60 dpi.

The integrated industrial TIJ printer supports Industry 4.0 standards through Domino Cloud, offering remote management for packaging systems. It delivers high-quality graphic prints on various substrates with a versatile label design. The AutoSwap feature permits cartridge replacement mid-print, and a Bulk Ink System enables extended operation without operator intervention.

The Gx-OEM TIJ Printer is a fit-and-forget thermal inkjet printer designed for seamless integration with packaging machinery, specifically for control cabinets. The compact nature of its print heads allows for effortless installation on manufacturing lines and can be stationed as far as 25m from the controller. This adaptability makes it an ideal choice for a range of industrial uses.

This integrated industrial TIJ printer offers two options: a standard print head for large messages, logos, or machine-readable codes and a low-profile print head specifically designed for machinery with space limitations. With its superior speed and resolution, it keeps pace with the most rapid production settings, achieving print speeds that reach up to 300m/min at 60 dpi.

The printer is fully compatible with Industry 4.0 standards using the Domino Cloud, providing remote capability for enhanced packaging and processing systems management. Its adaptable label design caters to content, counters, time displays, imagery, emblems, and barcodes, guaranteeing superior graphic print quality across assorted substrates such as paper, card, plastic, and metal among others.

The printer is also easy to operate, with automatic cartridge recognition and ink parameter settings. The AutoSwap feature allows cartridge replacement during printing tasks, and a Bulk Ink System is provided for extended operations without the need for operator interference.


  • Uses QuickStep via customer HMI
  • Can operate 4 print heads from one controller
  • Print heads can be mounted up to 25m from the controller
  • Uses AutoSwap functionality  to switch cartridges mid-printing
  • Grade A code readability (ISO 15415)


  • Dimensions:  64mm x 200mm x 159.2mm
  • Weight: 0.692kg
  • Print speed: 300m/min
  • Power Supply Input: 24V DC, 4 A
  • OPT Printhead dimensions: 158mm x 35.7mm x 78mm
  • OPT Printhead weight: 0.31kg
  • EXT printhead dimensions: 162mm x 29.7mm x 68.9mm
  • EXT printhead weight: 0.27kg