Food Tumbler Mixer | GPA 100

The tiltable Gunther GPA 100 food tumbler mixer is a versatile and efficient solution for various tumbling applications. This advanced machine boasts a 100-liter drum volume and special bafflers for gentle yet intensive tumbling. The food tumbler mixer is equipped with special bafflers for gentle and intensive tumbling, ensuring the highest quality and food safety. The drum is designed for quick and simple loading and unloading, providing ease of use and convenience. For ultimate ease of use, the GPA 100 features customisable vacuum settings via a special pump and precise process control through a user-friendly touchscreen interface.

Technical data
Drum volume in litre 100
Filling degree in % (depending on product) 70
Dimensions in mm (length/width/height) 1000/1220/1400
Connected value 0,6KW 10A 230V 1PH/N/PE