F720i Fiber Laser Coding

The F720i is Domino’s latest high-performance fibre laser coder, designed for crisp, easily readable, and long-lasting inscriptions on aluminium cans. With an expected laser life of 100,000 hours, it’s a reliable and efficient beverage can coding solution. 

The IP65-rated system withstands extreme conditions, including humidity, temperature changes, dust, and sugar-laden air. Its unique 3D power concentration feature enables superior coding through fibre laser marking with short, intense pulses, increasing marking speed to 100,000 cans per hour. 

It is part of Domino’s Beverage Can Coding System which is designed for demanding environments. This means it has innovative controller features, a compact size, and flexible integration options perfect for demanding environments.

The F720i, high-performance fiber laser coding technology, represents Domino’s most recent advancement in high-speed. This machine is designed to create clear, easily readable, and durable inscriptions. It excels at marking even difficult surfaces like the concave base of a drink can.

The fiber laser coder is a reliable and efficient solution for beverage can coding due to its expected 100,000 hours of laser life. It is equipped with an IP65 rating, designed to withstand extreme conditions such as humidity and temperature changes, dust exposure, and sugar-saturated air. This construction ensures durability and performance in challenging environments.

The system’s unique 3D power concentration feature allows superior coding through fiber laser marking with short and intense pulses, significantly increasing marking speed. The laser can mark high-quality codes onto 100,000 cans per hour, making it an ideal solution for the high-speed beverage canning sector.

The F720i Fiber Laser is included in Domino’s Beverage Can Coding System (BCCS), designed to improve Overall Equipment Efficiency in demanding beverage production environments. The innovative controller design allows ambient temperatures up to 45°C (113°F), with optional IP65 protection and the ability to run with factory water. Its compact size and flexible integration options make it a versatile choice for beverage can coding.


  • Encode more than 60 high-resolution characters in various formats.
  • Laser life of approximately 100,000 hours
  • Optional IP65 protection
  • Allows ambient temperatures up to 45°C (113°F)
  • Innovative controller design


  • Laser head dimensions: 80x141x465mm
  • Controller dimension: 405x430x560mm
  • Laser head weight: 7kg
  • Controller weight: 43kg
  • Laser type: Pulsed fiber laser
  • Laser power: 70W