F230i Fiber Laser Printer

The Domino F230i Fiber Laser Printer, suitable for various industries including electronics and pharma, employs adaptable laser technology to improve code quality and lower ownership costs. The F-series includes two models, with the F230i EP being ideal for coding heavier metals, plastics, and multilayer flexible films. Its Pulse Selector technology offers enhanced control via 40 selectable waveforms.

The Domino F-Series’ F230i CP is a cost-effective fibre laser designed for light metals and plastics, ensuring high-quality coding with precision and efficiency. Both F230i variants offer excellent coding quality, longevity, operational efficiency, and minimal consumable use, significantly reducing ownership costs compared to other solutions. They excel at producing accurate, clear codes on various materials across different applications.

The Domino F230i Fiber Laser Printer uses versatile laser technology across diverse enterprises, including the electronics, food, pharma, industrial, and tobacco industries. Because of this, this versatile laser technology is optimised to enhance code quality while reducing the total cost of ownership.

Within Domino’s F-series, there are two models. The first is the F230i EP which is optimal for coding on substrates like heavier metals, plastics, and multilayer flexible films. This precise laser tuning is thanks to its innovative Pulse Selector technology which allows you to choose between 40 waveforms giving better control of the pulse conditions.

The F230i CP model from the Domino F-Series is a cost-effective fiber laser that offers reduced capabilities without compromising quality. Specifically designed for light metals and plastics, this model ensures high-quality coding results with its two wavelengths. It is thus an ideal choice for applications where precision and efficiency are paramount.

Both F230i variants are designed to deliver outstanding coding quality, prolonged lifespan, increased operational efficiency, and minimal use of consumables, leading to a considerably reduced ownership cost in comparison to other coding solutions. The laser excels at producing sharp and clear codes on a variety of materials such as metals, plastics, and flexible packaging. This ensures high accuracy and precision in coding across diverse applications.


  • It comes with two models: F230i EP and F230i CP
  • Highly-precise beam control
  • Prints are heat and moisture-resistant
  • Life span of up to 100,000 hours
  • Works on metals, plastics and flexible packaging


  • Laser head dimensions: 80x141x465mm
  • Controller dimension: 430x471x308
  • Laser head weight: 7kg
  • Controller weight: 37.6kg
  • Laser type: Pulsed fibre laser
  • Laser power: 20W