D620i CO2 Laser Printer

The Domino Printing D620i is a compact yet high-performing scribing laser system, ideal for fast-paced packaging and processing lines. With class-leading performance, it can print multiple lines of text at 2000 characters per second using Domino’s i-Tech RapidScan technology for efficient and reliable coding. 

The D620i is suitable for a wide range of substrates, including labels, PET, glass, flexible packaging, and cartons — making it an ideal partner for growing and demanding packaging and processing lines. The laser’s flexibility is further enhanced by the scan- and print head rotations, making it suitable for even the most difficult integrations. The modular beam delivery creates additional flexibility, making it easy to integrate the laser into various production lines.

The Domino D620i CO2 laser printer is a class-leading solution for growing and demanding packaging and processing lines. Its high-speed marking is achieved through Domino’s patented optional i-Tech RapidScan technology and 60W laser power, ensuring fast and efficient coding.

The system delivers multiple lines of text at an impressive speed of 2000 characters per second on diverse substrates, including labels, PET, glass, flexible packaging, and cartons. Pair that with its unlimited lines of text in any orientation, in many fonts and sizes, and the D620i CO2 laser printer is one of the best for high performance and flexibility. 

It also boasts flexibility through connectivity options through a familiar Domino interface and adjustable i-Tech scan head. This scan head is renowned for its unprecedented speed, and guarantees accelerated coding operations while maintaining the highest quality standards. 

The D620i’s adaptable printhead allows for rotation and various scan head orientations, while the modular beam delivery offers additional flexibility for difficult integrations. For demanding environments with sugar and moisture, like beverage production, an optional IP65 version is available. This offers enhanced laser tube protection, leading to increased reliability and productivity.


  • Produces text at a rate of 800 characters per second
  • Unlimited text across 24 fonts
  • Flexible printhead
  • Easy integration
  • 60W laser power


  • Dimensions: 846mm x 140mm x 180mm
  • Weight: 27.3kg 
  • Laser type: Sealed-off CO2 laser
  • Laser power: 60W
  • Characters per second: 2000
  • Cooling: Compressed air