Brine Mixing Tank | GLA 150

The Gunther GLA 150 brine mixing tank is a highly efficient and reliable solution for mixing liquids in small batches, with no need for cooling. Its funnel-shaped container, with a volume of 150 litres, allows for easy unloading and its hygienic, foodstuff-compliant structure is made of stainless steel for maximum durability and cleanliness.

The machine features a highly visible filling level display and is ready to connect to all Günther filter plants, systems, and injectors. For even greater efficiency, a turbine mixer can be added as an optional feature and additional options are available upon request.

Technical data

Container volume in litre 150
Domensions in mm (length/width/height) 950/800/1730
Connected value 0,5KW 16A 400V 3PH/N/PE