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About us

We have over 80 years experience

Columbit was founded in 1937 by the Late Mr Ernest Zeh, a German immigrant from Meinz. The company was officially registered in 1938 after Mr Zeh realised that there were many opportunities to introduce European technology and know- how to the African market.

Over the years the company has built a reputation based on integrity and sound values. The company is fully committed to its’ suppliers, customers and staff. Columbit has strong ties with their suppliers who ensure that we are kept up to date with all the latest technological developments coming out of Europe.

Today Columbit is a dynamic, diversified operation supplying top quality consumables, equipment and service to the wine, food and beverage industries in South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. All divisions are ably supported by a knowledgeable sales team, qualified technicians, and superb aftermarket spares and support staff.

Always attentive to the needs of our customers and their continuous search for quality, we are constantly on the look-out for new technology that will provide value added opportunities to our customers.


Columbit strives to be a world class market leader supplying the food and beverage industries with quality consumables, equipment and service. As Brand Custodians we employ professional
people who are enthusiastically committed to service excellence and sustainable profitability. We apply our energy and ingenuity, to build a growing, continually improving business from which all stakeholders will benefit.




We have succeeded as a business over the last 80 years through a simple blend of  honesty, integrity, hard work and dedication. We accept ownership of our individual
responsibility and the impact of our actions on our suppliers, customers, our business and the environment.

We respect the cultural diversity of all the role players and encourage an entrepreneurial spirit.

Integrity and Honesty

Our simple Philosophy is that one cannot buy a good name in business, one needs to earn a good name by being honest.


We strive to only market and support the finest quality products. We have built our business through keeping our commitments in terms of the performance of our products.


Without the custom of our clients, we have no business and therefore strive to provide our customer satisfaction to our clients with friendly service and the correct products at reasonable prices.


We are an extension of our suppliers and therefore, together with our suppliers endeavor to bring our clients the latest technology, experience and service to keep your business at the forefront of technology in your specialist field.