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C02 Laser


With the capacity to produce multiple lines of text at a rate of 800 characters a second, the D120i laser coder can increase the coding efficiencies of manufacturing production lines across various industries.

The advantages of this fast and high-performing machine include its ease of integration into existing production lines. It features a new i-Tech scanhead, which works fast yet is small and adjustable. Meanwhile, its flexible connectivity provides capacity for remote control.

Comprised of separate components within the i-Tech design, the D120i performs well at high line speeds thanks to Domino’s (optional) i-Tech patented RapidScan technology. Ideal for harsh factory environments, all D-Series i-Tech modules carry an IP65 rating.





The compact D320i laser delivers improved performance and multiple lines of text at 1500 characters per second. With the smaller, adjustable i-Tech scanhead, flexible connectivity and familiar interface, this dynamic machine is used in diverse packaging and processing lines, from state-of-the-art beverage fillers to toughened glass production. And because it has separate components – as a result of its i-Tech modular design – you’ll find it’s professionally installed with the help of Domino’s project team. Continuous printing on fast paced production lines is achieved through features such as our patented, optional i-Tech RapidScan technology. This powerful machine can print on a wide variety of substrates, and proves that good things can come in smaller packages. Ideal for harsh factory environments, the D-Series offers an IP65 rating across all the i-Tech modules.


With multiple lines of text at 2000 characters per second, the Domino class-leading D620i can print high-quality codes at fast speeds. Its i-Tech modular design features separate components to ensure the laser provides an ideal partner for growing and demanding packaging and processing lines. Flexibility through connectivity options, a familiar Domino interface, and a compact, adjustable i-Tech scanhead are examples of features that have led to the success of this laser technology on a global scale. An optional IP65 version can take on harsh environments (such as sugar and moisture-laden beverage production) by adding greater protection to the laser tube – the added level of reliability stimulates productivity and can increase your uptime. The D620i codes a wide range of substrates – such as labels, PET, glass, flexible packaging, and cartons – and its high-speed marking is delivered through Domino’s patented optional i-Tech RapidScan technology.vvvv